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Detail from diagram
Detail from diagram
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Page spread from magazine

Global technology outsourcing diagram

Providing a visual context for a news article

CIO Insight Magazine, a Ziff Davis publication, produced an article explaining the present and future trends of global technology outsourcing. It needed an overview of this topic in a “Whiteboard” diagram to be featured as a four-page fold-out spread with the article.

Visually summarize global data trends

Luminant Design staff worked on the design team that created a summary infographic for this topic. Countries performing outsourcing work were ranked according to six risk factors compiled by the article’s authors. The bar table of risk factors show the data in an overview form that affords quick assessment. Differences in current outsourcing trends and future projections were shown by color differentiation (blue and purple copy and graphic elements). A 3D map provided an overview of countries involved in outsourcing.

CIO Insight Magazine (Ziff Davis)
Date: Published 2003

Designed at Joel Katz Design Associates. Luminant Design Principal William Bardel was part of this project's two-person design team while at JKDA.