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Visual standards manual

Woodstock Day School identity program

Building a comprehensive school identity

As a small private school in the Hudson River Valley, the Woodstock Day School in Saugerties, NY needed a way for its teachers and communications staff to more consistently sent out communications to visitors and parents with a consistent identity and brand-aligned feel.

A brand refinement and extension approach

Luminant Design took the School’s logo and refined it as part of a branding program. Rather than provide the school with a new logo, our firm took the more economical approach of reworking and standardizing the school’s existing identity assets and augmenting them with a series of design guides and templates to apply the identity more systematically –where consistency in brand application provided the key driver for better brand impact.

Detailed brand identity documentation

As part of this effort, Luminant Design created a 200-page Visuals Standards manual showing core guidelines, application layout examples for print letterhead, materials, and school store swag. It also provided a complete graphics package with graphics art files and document templates.

Client: Woodstock Day School, Saugerties, NY
Date: 2018-2020