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Flow study diagram

Thoughtful solutions come from study

Our approach to design

A connections perspective

Clearly seeing interrelationships is critical for persuasive, effective design communication. We look at problems from a systems-level perspective of seeing how people learn, understand and associate. We seek to understand and communicate these connections and interactions.

Our Bright methodologies

Over the years Luminant Design has honed our design approach into a series of “bright” methodologies –“Bright Insight,” “Bright Branding” and “Bright Pathways”. They capture a deep and always advancing knowledgebase of design communication principles and practice. Each contains specific strategies, survey questions and checklists to ensure our design solutions for you are streamlined, targeted and effective.

A step ahead

Outside of our client work, Luminant Design conducts user design research into issues involved in visual organization, accessibility, cognition and persuasion. Our ongoing research efforts helps us innovate our design approach for our clients. We periodically publish some of these findings as part of our Insight articles.