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A great brand identity is more than just having a logo.

Brand element consistency, adaptability and systematic execution are all vital to making a brand identity a memorable, expressive advocate for your vision.

Going beyond just a logo

A successful brand identity program is a balanced, strategic platform for growth. It is solid in its unique message proposition yet flexible enough to afford future expansion or adaptation. Whether your goal is to bring your brand’s story to life, amplify your existing brand message, or evolve your organization to the next level, Luminant Design's “Bright Branding” methodology to brand identity development is thoughtful and effective. It includes careful assessment of your content touchpoints, audience, messaging, competitors, marketplace, business goals and rollout schedule. We construct clear, visual identities that evoke your core principles and emotionally engage your audience with consistency, conciseness and clarity.

Master standards

Luminant Design offers a unique advantage with brand identity program documentation development. As specialists in information design we include a high level of detail in our documentation that goes beyond a summary sheet of logo artwork. We include clear instructions on both foundational visual identity principles (message, coordination, typography, color, etc.) and their consistent application across in print, online and product environments. Our standards documentation empowers you with tools for future expansion.

Luminant Design’s “Bright Branding” offering options include the following. Contact us for more information on how we can meet your specific needs.

• Organizational brand and competitor brand
• Brand strategy development
• Brand identity and logo design
• Brand standards documentation development
• Identity rollout (letterhead, document creation

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